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People wonder: what is brand, exactly? Some see it as merely window dressing – interesting and fun, but not essential to your success. Others, like us, believe that brand is a reflection of an organization’s essence. It is who you are as a company, and who you want to be. It’s what you say and how you say it – with your logo, website, marketing materials. Expressed well, a brand can create new connections, transform relationships with your customers and create stronger loyalty within your ranks. And that’s just a start.

Once you see the value of a solid brand and where it can take you, the next question naturally is: how do we get there? You'll hear a lot of discussion about this subject, too. As you wade into the sea of opinions, let us arm you with our thoughts on a few myths you may encounter along the way.

Myth 1

Actually, the absence of the group being involved is what kills good ideas. We've found the best ideas are the result of many good ideas. Jane Davis Consulting has deep expertise in working with all levels of an organization, bringing together people who are not always like-minded with a goal of making sure every idea can be heard and considered. To be clear, there's a difference between collaboration and consensus. We're not talking about watering down good ideas; we're talking about bringing people along in the process, hearing their voices, and getting their buy-in so by the time the answer has emerged, everyone feels some ownership of it. It's an approach that leads naturally to the right idea, but also ensures it can get through an organization intact.

Myth 2

You’ve heard them. Proprietary names like BrandOmeter™ MessageHighway™ MeaningMap™. They’re catchy, memorable – but at the end of the day, they’re all doing pretty much the same thing. Investigating the audience. Learning about the competition. Looking inside and outside the company. These are all important things to do. But the most important thing is: who’s doing the doing. Jane Davis Consulting is well-versed at creating processes that make sense for where an organization is at a given time. But regardless of the size of the client or scope of the project, one thing that remains the same is the experience and insight we bring. Not only can you count on us to uncover the truth, you can also be sure we’ll turn it into actionable plans.

Myth 3

A big budget isn't mandatory for a big idea. By the same token, a big office with big overhead doesn't guarantee one, either. It takes people who are experts in their field, and have the enthusiasm and energy to work efficiently on your behalf. Jane Davis Consulting brings together a golden rolodex of marketing and advertising specialists. Strategists. Designers. Web Developers. Writers. All at your service on an as-needed basis.